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Vemurafenib, 240 mg
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Basic information about the drug ZELBORAFDescription ZELBORAFOrder, delivery and payment «ZELBORAF»?

Zelboraf (Zelboraf) is a novelty among the drugs for the fight against cancer. It appeared on the market only in two thousand and twelve, when all clinical trials were successfully completed. By the way, their result suggests that the drug reduces the size of the tumor, reduces pain and can almost double the life of patients.

Zelboraf Price

It should be immediately stipulated that the cost of Zelboraf can in no way be called small, however, the duration of its own life is worth this money. Each package of the drug contains fifty-six tablets with the active ingredient.

Buy Zelboraf (Vemurafenib)

The pharmacy offers to buy Zelboraf at a price lower than in other pharmacies. This fact should not be embarrassing, because it is connected with the fact that the pharmacy sells an officially licensed drug directly from an Indian manufacturer.

Reviews on Zelboraf

Zelboraf has passed all the necessary clinical studies and has positive reviews from real people who have taken this Zelboraf. The number of positive reviews among users is more than fifty percent, and among oncologists and more than seventy-five percent.

Zelboraf is delivered to the online pharmacy directly from the Indian manufacturer, which is confirmed by the relevant documents, as well as the high quality of the Zelboraf drug itself.

The action of the drug Zelboraf

Vemurafenib acts directly on the mutated BRAF V600E gene, which is present in most melanoma patients. As a rule, it is just an oncogene that is involved in regulating the increase in the number of cells. When this gene undergoes a mutation, the process of increasing the number of cells goes out of control and there is a high probability of developing cancer. Today, according to leading scientists and researchers in the field of medicine and oncology, in particular, such mutations are the main reason for the further development of a malignant tumor.

Zelboraf stops the development of melanoma and its increase in size by directly affecting the mutated gene. As the latest clinical studies show, the use of Zelboraf has increased the survival rate among patients with melanoma by as much as 65%.

Disadvantages of Zelboraf

Unfortunately, Zelboraf also has disadvantages, or rather the only drawback is the not always long-term response of the body to the action of the drug. Practice shows that the patient's body stops responding to this drug after seven to eight months of taking the drug in more than half of the cases. However, even a temporary positive response of the body to Zelboraf can significantly prolong the life of patients and improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Features of taking Zelboraf

Zelboraf has a number of contraindications, it is better to consult a specialist about the method and necessity of its use. It also has incompatibility with some groups of drugs.

Order Zelboraf (Vemurafenib)

It is very easy to order this drug. It is enough to fill out the application form on the website or call the phone number indicated on the website.

Payment Zelboraf

An important point is that all medicines are delivered without prepayment, and each order is paid strictly upon receipt of the medicine.

Delivery Zelboraf

Delivery is carried out through the "Russian Post", and for residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, a courier delivery service is available directly to the apartment.

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